Sanford & TytoCare™

Welcome to Sanford + TytoCare™

Thank you for your participation in the Sanford + TytoCare™ pilot for Sanford Health employees who enrolled for their health insurance through their employment with Sanford and who have a Sanford primary care provider.

The pilot runs from Dec. 4, 2018 through March 31, 2019. During this time, you are invited to use your TytoHome™ exam kit and the TytoApp™ to capture vitals and/or images and connect to a Sanford provider for acute/urgent care (but non-emergency) medical needs.

For more information about this pilot, please review the Frequently Asked Questions guide.

To begin using Sanford + TytoCare™, please review the TytoCare™ Quick Start guide.

For technical assistance, please contact TytoCare™ support at 1-866-971-8986 or email.

How-To Video Guides

To get started, see our handy video playlists:

  1. Watch device setup videos
  2. Watch home examination videos

These videos auto-play at sign-in and at your first exams and are always available from the app menu.