Medical Oncology

Meet Your Complete Cancer Care Team

Your Sanford Cancer Center oncology team specializes in diagnosing, treating and caring for you from detection to survivorship.

You can expect:

  • Visits, treatment, monitoring, lab testing, and follow-up exams through survivorship
  • Chemotherapy, targeted biotherapy or immunotherapy, as appropriate to your specific case
  • Support for preventing and minimizing side effects such as fatigue, pain, dehydration and eating problems
  • Access to the most current clinical trials
  • Support from your nurses including assessments, lab results monitoring, and ongoing health education and communication
  • Ongoing access to cancer care staff for emotional, financial and everyday support throughout your care


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    B4 Baby

    Mon 04/08/19 6:30 PM - Mon 04/08/19 8:00 PM
    Sanford Medical Center Fargo

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    B4 Baby

    Mon 02/25/19 6:30 PM - Mon 02/25/19 8:00 PM
    Schroeder Auditorium at Sanford Medical Center